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Do you need more space in your home/business?

Rubicab Eco- Cabin  is the perfect solution for you. We will customise the cabin to suit your lifestyle and business requirements. This sustainable, low maintenance, compact and completely portable cabin is available “off the shelf” and with a size of 2.6m x 6.2m and highly insulated materials it is a perfect solution for all the space-restricted homeowners and entrepreneurs or a great investment for tourist parks or farm stays.

In attempt to reduce carbon emissions in order to preserve our mother nature we use innovative technologies and intelligent designs as well as environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. We value nature and the Australian outdoor lifestyle, so we have placed sustainability at the forefront of our goals. 

The climate that defines the Australia can be very harsh and unforgiving. RUBICAB Eco-Cabins allow you to easily take advantage of the Australian landscape and fresh air, to bring the outdoors in. We use quality materials that are designed to withstand the unique Australian climatic conditions.


  • Flat Pack System, Quick to build – fabricated and manufactured in our factory and installed on the site
  • Aluminium subframe
  • Composite- wood materials – Termite, Pest resistant – no wood content
  • Perfect for Australian climate – no rotting, termite problems – no staining or painting required
  • Affordable prices for a high quality homes
  • Low energy costs. Highly insulated wall and roof panels guarantee an energy efficient building saving you money.
  • Additional options available – Outdoor living area – deck and awning, continuous hot water system, kitchen, bathroom

Technical Specifications:

      • Basic Dimensions – 6.2 x 2.6 x 2.690 mm
      • Cement-fibre board with Polyurethane sandwich panels
      • 150 mm thick roof panels
      • Patented Aluminium Channels used for install
      • Unique, high quality doors and windows frames
      • No plastering, painting requested
      • Compact Walls – no hidden spaces for the pest to hide
      • Wide range of colours
      • Composite Cladding/ Decking materials – maintenance free DECKO Composite- wood


      • Backyards solutions– teenage retreat, senior living space, mancave, game room, guest house, home office, gym, student accommodation, extra passive income, restricted space living solution … there are plenty of options you can use your extended living space for!
      • Alternative housing – Eco-Cabins give you the freedom of flexible, cost-effective accommodation to build or extend your home. The modular design of Eco-Cabins can be used in countless combinations to create a customised, affordable and functional living space tailored to your unique needs.
      • Commercial uses – office park, home practice, massage therapy studio, caravan parks, tourist parks, holiday accommodation, worksite office, short/long term stay units in marinas and farm stays.
Rubicab Bathroom 3 Units Facility

The “Bathroom Eco-Cabin”

SALE PRICE: $49,800(incl.GST)    NOW $39,800 (incl. GST)

The Bathroom Eco-Cabin is a great modular unit that can be connected to the
mains quickly. The bathroom is Disability Discrimination Act Compliant, which can help your business or caravan park get up to code. The cabin does not require any foundation work as it is built into the cabin. All that is needed for Eco-Cabin installation is a levelled and compacted road base bed. Check out the Video Walk-Through here

Rubicab Bathroom Facility includes spacious fully tiled and waterproof 2x unisex toilet/shower units and 1x unisex disabled accessible toilet/shower unit.

  • R11 Slip Rated Flooring
  • DA Compliant Bathroom
  • 3m Dusted Crystal Doors
  • Built in Hot Water System
  • Plumbing & Electrical Certified by Gold Coast City Council
Ready to Move In Eco-Cabin

The “Ready to Move In Eco-Cabin”

SALE PRICE: $26,900 (incl. GST) NOW $24,900

The sleeper cabin can be ideally used as an extra living space/ teenage retreat/ mancave/ studio/ office/ guest room/ rented property. This cabin
is ideal for temporary or holiday accommodation that has existing communal bathrooms and kitchens or as a backyard cabin with shared bathroom in the main house. See the photos in the Gallery.

Office Cabin

The “OFFICE Eco-Cabin”  

SALE PRICE: $24,900 (incl. GST) NOW $22,800

Office Cabin –  6.2 x 2.6 – Spacious and Transportable Office cabin. Aluminium awning at the front, desks & shelfs included – just move your staff in to start working! The current configuration can comfortably fit 5 people.

Can be used as a treatment studio or game room/ guest room …

See more photos in the Gallery 


Take this opportunity to purchase our Rubicab Ready To Move In Eco-Cabins at a bargain price!

See more photos on the left hand side in between the Tabs & Galery.

Rubicab Ensuite Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m  cabin with 1x bedroom, 1x bathroom and study nook – SOLD OUT (more units under production)

Rubicab Bathroom Unit Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m cabin has 3 units each with its own shower – 2x unisex units & 1x disabled accessible unit. Fully waterproofed with unique design on the sliding doors creating impressive light effect.

SALE PRICE: $49,800(incl.GST)    NOW $39,800 (incl. GST)

Rubicab Office Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m spacious cabin comfortably suitable for 2 – 5 people in the office. All the office furniture included, as well as blocker curtains, crime safe mesh doors,  just move your staff in to start working.

SALE PRICE: $24,900 (incl. GST)   NOW $22,800

Rubicab Ready to Move in Eco-Cabin – Ready to move in & transportable – 6.2 x 2.6 m, spacious and easy to transport cabin – electricity connections, floors, walls, windows and sliding main doors included. (last 14 units available at the stock clearance price).

SALE PRICE: $24,900 (incl. GST)

Video Tour  –  RUBICAB 6.2 x 2.6 m READY TO MOVE IN ECO CABIN

Watch this video tour to walk you through one of our cabin designs

Let us inspire you with our Rubicab Eco- cabins designs and configurations !

Our Rubicab Ready to Move in Cabins can have numerous different styles!
We can match the style to your lifestyle and requirements.

Additional options such as kitchen, bathroom, composite wood deck and awning can be easily added to your package!

Studio + Bathroom + Kitchen

One of our most versatile Eco-Cabins, this space has everything you need, wherever you are.

 Fitted with a queen-sized bed, an ensuite bathroom, kitchenette. 

Great for first home buyers that don’t want to be trapped by high mortgage.

Or maybe now the kids have moved out and you are looking to build a quiet retreat or a holiday home.

Eco-Cabins are allowing you to comfortably accommodate your elderly parents right in your own backyard and allow them to retain their independence. It will be a popular caravan park rental with couples who just want to get away for the weekend.

Studio – 2 Separate Treatment Spaces/ Offices/ Practices

This cabin is the ultimate solution for  health and beauty professionals that want to work close to their homes or just want to save up the high rental cost for hiring the practice. This space offers a few flexible design options with the possibility for a fitting of an additional sink, bathroom or reception. The space is very generous and can be split into two separate studios divided by a fitted permanent wall or just by a temporary folding or sliding room diving screens.

Share your expenses with your colleague or rent the space out for an extra passive income!

Great space for the caravan parks or tourist parks in need for a spa or treatment space – rent this space to bring more customers and to increase your income!

Guest room or self contained rental unit

Your ready-to-go serenity space is here. Relax and unwind in the calm, spacious interior of this Eco-Cabin with ensuite bathroom.It’s tough to put a price on peace of mind, but this Eco-Cabin is a cost-effective way of obtaining it. Get back in touch with nature,and wake up to the birds singing.



You can avoid expensive start up costs and expensive CBD lease with our flexible office space for your business. Set up a professional space in your backyard or near your factory, marine, farm, showrooms…This Eco -cabin has everything you need to get all your work donjon location. Plenty of space to make the presentations, seminars, conduct meetings and hold employee inductions. The bright room with sufficient natural lighting will ensure the comfortability of your people.

Why not add an awning and a terrace and give your guests everything they need to enjoy the great Australian landscape?