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Oxygen Apartments

98m2 commercial poolside deck built for Oxygen Apartments in Brisbane’s CBD


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Oxygen accepted our tender application due to our innovative design options and capabilities. Oxygen wanted to create a large relaxing low maintenance space for their guests to be able to lounge by the pool.

Commercial Applications require structural engineering, so we teamed up with Icon Engineering who helped us design our deck to Australian Standards.

“When it comes to the structural design of a deck, the Australian Standards AS1170.1-2011 (Structural design Actions – Permanent, imposed and other actions), clearly sets out the required live load (traffic load) required for each application.  In the case of the deck at Oxygen Apartments, this called for a design live load of 4.0 kPa (approximately 400 kg/m2).  With such as heavy live load, the deck structure needed to be robust enough to pull the dynamic deflection (bounce) out of the structure under this loading.

 This was achieved via the use of pre-welded aluminium bearer/column frames.  The main advantage of using aluminium in external salinic environments such as coastal areas and around pools, is that its corrosion rate is much slower then compared to the rapid corrosion rate of steel (assuming the PH of the pool water is controlled).  Aluminium also has the advantage over that of a conventional timber framed deck, in that it is not subject to timber rot as a result of constant wetting and drying. 

 The use of Rubicab’s Eco Composite Wood decking, which will not rot, and is termite and pest resistant, in addition to the aluminium structural frames, results in a deck  that is virtually maintenance free, and will outlive that of conventional steel and timber decks.”

Scott FairleyDirectorIcon Engineering

Due to the deck being built alongside a Pool we chose to build our structure out of aluminium joists and bearers to avoid the chances of rusting.

We used the HF-09 Hollow Floor Eco-Composite Wood boards in Chocolate. We built new balustrade to match what was existing and created additional aluminium privacy screening.

We presented our composite wood decking to Oxygen as an alternative to typical stained timber as composite wood is proven to withstand the constant exposure of Chlorinated Pool Water on top of Australia’s harsh climate. So naturally they opted for a composite wood, which won’t require constant staining/oiling, won’t warp, split and of course rot. Finally given the high non-slip rating our HF-09 Boards have, safety for Oxygen’s guests was their number 1 priority.


Custom Aluminium Pool, featuring Eco-Composite Wood Privacy Fencing


We customised the pool fencing to match existing privacy screen fencing and powder coated it in precious silver. All Pool fencing installed was to accommodate for Australian Standards and comply with Pool Regulations.

After completion of this job we were requested to come back and install some additional Eco-Composite Wood Fencing to provide privacy screening for their guests when lounging by the pool!

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