We offer eco composite wood cladding & exterior wall panelling systems designed to protect your home from the effects of Australia’s harsh weather. It will outlast timber and doesn’t require painting. This innovative material is aesthetically appealing and will give your home a fresh modern look.

Additional colours can be ordered for our products depending on volume. We carry five different types of cladding:

WP-03 | 2900 x 140 x 11

$48.03 / m+ Gst
Brushed hollow board

Uses a conceal, lock and fix system using stainless steel clips

Most cost effective board but requires more labour and extra materials

Can be installed vertically but will require a visible support screw on top and bottom rows

Charcoal | Grey | Coffee

Charcoal | Grey | Coffee

WP-04 | 2900 x 150 x 20

$67.58 / m+ Gst
Our newest and favourite ECW Cladding Product!

Smooth Hollow Board with Self Interlocking System with concealed screws

Best option for installing vertically or even on ceilings

Available Cedar and Grey

Cedar | Grey

 Cedar | Grey


Benefits of Rubicab Eco Composite Wood Cladding

Installing one of our eco composite wood (ECW) cladding systems will positively influence both building cost and the value of your property. ECW cladding boards have an incredibly effective interlocking system that reduces the time needed for installation, which effectively reduces labour costs. In fact our systems are so easy to install that many of our customers purchase these systems as a DIY installation. Over time our product will only ever require a pressure wash, and graffiti can be removed with a light sand.

We use ECW materials as they are sustainable, composite based and contain 55% wood and 35% HDPE recycled plastic. Because of this ECW cladding is much denser than timber resulting in far better protection from Australia’s elements as well as reducing noise.

ECW wall panels come in four styles in lengths of 2900mm and are available in a screw and conceal system or a self interlocking design.

Customers have different options to choose from (grooved or brushed finish) in different widths available between 150mm and 176mm.

Why We Use ECW?

Pest resistantLightweight
Easy to cut
Easy to fasten & interlockingWill never rotNo coating required
High densityMaintenance freeEasy to transport
100% recyclableNon perishableCompetitively priced in Australia

WP04 – Self Interlocking System

WP03 - Clip & Lock Sysem

WP03 – Clip & Lock Sysem