DECKO Composite Wood vs Timber

  • Maintenance Free

    maintenance-clipart-di6zjr5i9Unlike real wood, DECKO composite wood doesn’t rot or attract mould even in wet environments such as pool areas. It is weather-resistant, UV resistant, and is very lightweight. It’s also stain-resistant, scratch-proof unless treated extremely harshly, and very uninviting for termites. As such it’s practically maintenance-free.

  • Extended Outdoor Space

    picture12With RUBICAB solutions and DECKO composite wood we don’t only enhance family entertaining opportunities, we also create functional space that’s safe for children playing outside and a valuable, low maintenance, natural extension to the family home.

  • Non-Slip

    slippery-floor-clipart-1DECKO composite wood is very safe due to the non slip surface. The Slip Resistance Rating according to Australian Standards is A10 which ensures a very safe environment.

  • No Staining, Oiling, or Painting Necessary

    yellow-paintbrush-staining-piece-timber-green-30043361DECKO composite boards don’t require any surface treatment to resist the harsh Australian climate and deck owners save precious time and money associated with ongoing staining, oiling and painting required for timber maintenance. Furthermore the exposure to these dangerous and messy chemicals is also avoided.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Our manufacturing process doesn’t involve deforestation as we use onlyeco-friendly-logo
    recycled natural wood chips and recycled plastic. By using recycled materials we help to reduce waste in landfill, and by choosing RUBICAB products our clients not only get great looking, durable products, they’re also being environmentally responsible.

  • Easy Installation

    Our flat pack modular kits ensure installation is a quick and easy process and can completed as a DIY project, with assistance from your selected builder or managed by the RUBICAB installation team depending on location.install

  • Warranty

    RUBICAB provides a 10-year warranty on all our DECKO composite wood products fit for residential purpose and a 7-year warranty for commercial applications.

  • Transferable/Recyclable

    RUBICAB solutions can often be dismantled, packed up and transferred to another location.

  • Easy Care

    To keep the deck nice and clean you generally only need to wash it with water. Light scratches can be easily sanded out using light sandpaper.

  • Natural Beauty

    We offer a broad range of natural earthy colours with wood textures and wood grain pattern to match your house style.

  • Termite Resistant

    DECKO composite wood is very unappealing to termites due to its unique combination of hardwood and plastic fibres.termite-clip-art

  • Aluminium Frames

    We use aluminium framing for its versatility, lightweight construction, and compatability with DECKO composite wood. It never rusts & never rots. Aluminium frames are easy to build with and 100% recyclable and we can prepare a structure tailored to your exact measurements. This solution is quick and easy to install for all DIYers.

  • Overall Verdict

    All the benefits of timber and none of the disadvantages! Easy and quick to install, minimal maintenance required, long lasting natural wood look, non slip, built on aluminium frames to last even longer, environmentally friendly material, UV resistant with a broad range of colours and finishes to choose from.

    Unbeatable product and prices!

  • Looks and Feels Natural

    The timber look is very popular due to its natural look and warmth. 

  • Inexpensive & Available

    Timber has traditionally been widely available and pricing can be quite inexpensive depending on the type of timber used.

  • Regular Maintenance Required

    All timber materials need regular maintenance to preserve the cell structure. If not maintained properly the timber can deteriorate and discolour and be susceptible to termite attacks. There is a risk of fungal decay – either wet or dry rot can result in serious structural damage to the timber project and the overall investment.  Re-coating, re-staining and re-painting is necessary every 6 to 12 months which costs money and time.

  • Unsafe and Slippery

    Unless timber is coated periodically, it can fail to meet the national non-slip standards and therefore can be unsafe to use particularly around pool areas. Timber coatings and treatments often contain toxic chemicals that can be extremely harmful to the environment as well as to humans. Just by walking barefoot on this kind of surface the feet can absorb the preservatives which can have adverse health  impacts. Timber can also be a safety hazard when it starts to rot, split and splinter.

  • Deforestation

    All timber material has to be harvested somewhere. Global deforestation is increasingly affecting our global woood

  • Low Durability

    old-timberThe Australian climate is  well known for its extreme conditions and timber is highly susceptible to these extreme conditions. The often hot, humid climate causes the breakdown of timber fibre and the fading of colours. As timber is a hygroscopic material (absorbs moisture), there is a high chance of expansion and contraction of the material in order to respond to the changes of the climate. Cupping, warping, shrinkage and nails popping is a common scenario if the timber isn’t maintained regularly and installed professionally.  Over time the surface stains easily and shows every scuff and mark.

  • No Warranty Included

    Many timber building companies don’t include sufficient warranties with their installations which results in expensive and time consuming project replacement and re-surfacing. Many of our clients turn to our products through frustration, cost and constant labour associated with their timber projects due to the weathering and damaged boards that became a safety hazard in their own home.

  • Termite Problems

    Many of our customers have had a bad experience with timber or cheap composite wood decks that have been damaged by termite infestation. Everyone knows that termites love timber!

  • Overall Verdict

    Timber looks good and is traditionally very popular. However due to its specific features and behaviour particularly in humid conditions, timber need to be maintained periodically which costs precious time and money. The staining and oiling required contains poisonous chemicals  which can have a negative affect on the health of everyone exposed to this coating. There is also an issue related to the conservation of the natural habitats of endangered species that can be affected  by harvesting timber materials.