Rubicab Sleeper Cabin Bedroom

Why choose a Rubicab Eco Cabin or Granny Flat?

  • Imagine a space where your dreams could beachieved, all for an affordable price. Our Eco-Cabins and Granny Flats are not just a blank canvas, its the possibility to get exactly what you want!
  • Versatile needs require versatile solutions. At Rubicab we understand that so together with you we design your cabin and granny flat.
  • Extra space needed? Outgrown your house? Parents moving in? Simply place a ready made Rubicab bedroom cabin in your backyard!
  • Extra passive income! Place a self contained unit on your property and rent it out. Incredibly quick return on investment times.
  • Low energy costs. Highly insulated wall and roof panels guarantee an energy efficient building saving you money.
  • Move away from the crowd. Rubicab’s granny flats and cabins can be fitted with PV panels and hot water systems. Off-grid living made easy!
  • Fast building times! Building can be as quick as 2 weeks.
  • Exremely low in maintenance, eco-friendly.

No matter the reason, at Rubicab Projects we design, built, supply and deliver your grany flat or eco cabin to your preferred project site. Our architects and draftsmen carefully design your home in close cooperation with you. Project engineers take care of certification and building approvals so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new retreat in no time.


Holiday accommodation


All the ingredients for a memorable family holiday at your caravan park are right here, all you need to provide is the location. Equipped with an ensuite bathroom, your guests won’t have to fumble for the torch in the middle of the night. Designed for small families, this Eco-Cabin has bunk beds for the two kids and a queen-sized bed for Mum and Dad. Why not add an awning and a terrace and give your guests everything they need to enjoy the great Australian landscape?

Take this opportunity to purchase our Rubicab Ready To Move In Eco-Cabins at a bargain price!

Currently available:

Rubicab Ensuite Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m  cabin with 1x bedroom, 1x bathroom and study nook

Rubicab Bathroom Unit Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m cabin has 3 units each with its own shower – 2x unisex units & 1x disabled accessible unit

Rubicab Office Eco-Cabin – 6.2 x 2.6 m spacious cabin comfortably suitable for 2 – 6 people in the office

Rubicab Eco-Cabin – Ready to move in & transportable – 6.2 x 2.6 m, spacious and easy to transport cabin – electricity connections, floors, walls, windows and sliding main doors included.

Rubicab Sanitary Facility

The “Bathroom Eco-Cabin”

SALE PRICE: $39,800 (incl. GST)

The Bathroom Eco-Cabin is a great modular unit that can be connected to the
mains quickly. The bathroom is Disability Discrimination Act Compliant, which can help your business or caravan park get up to code. The cabin does not require any foundation work as it is built into the cabin. All that is needed for Eco-Cabin installation is a levelled and compacted road base bed. Check out the Video Walk-Through here

Rubicab Sanitary Facility includes spacious fully tiled and waterproof 2x unisex toilet/shower units and 1x unisex disabled accessible toilet/shower unit.

R11 Slip Rated Flooring

DA Compliant Bathroom

3m Dusted Crystal Doors

Built in Hot Water System

Plumbing & Electrical Certified by Gold Coast City Council

Rubicab Sanitary Facility

Waterfall Effect inside the Bathroom Cabin

The Ensuite Eco- Cabin

The “Ensuite Eco-Cabin”

SALE PRICE: $27,800 (incl. GST)

The Ensuite Eco-Cabin is ideal for couples that prefer to have
their own bathroom. It also can be used for temporary accommodation for singles
as well. Check out the Video walk-through here

Queen Bed

Built in Bathroom

In wall Toilet System

Hot Water System

Auto Timing Ventilation

Blackout Curtains

Dowel Security Screen & Sliding Door

Wi-Fi Controlled Aircon


Ensuite Cabin Bedroom

Ready to Move In Eco-Cabin

The “Ready to Move In Eco-Cabin”  

SALE PRICE: $24,900 (incl. GST)

The sleeper cabin can be ideally used as an extra living space/ teenage retreat/ mancave/ studio/ office/ guest room/ rented property. This cabin
is ideal for temporary or holiday accommodation that has existing communal bathrooms and kitchens. See the photos in the Gallery.


Office Cabin

Office Cabin 6.2 x 2.6 Spacious and Transportable Office cabin. Can be used as a studio or game room/ guest room…

Awning – Office Cabin

Office Cabin – Desk and Shelving

Features & Benefits
  • Energy efficient thermo and sound insulation
  • Flood and water resistant Over 2-hour fire resistance
  • Optional: Fully furnished even the bed linen, air conditioning and flooring done!
  • Termite and pest resistant Rust resistant
  • No Cyclonic upwind issues! Self anchoring with concrete slab Designed to withstand high impacts
  • Affordable and easy to decorate and refurbish
  • Collect rainwater to optimise water usage
  • Durable and quality materials


With a Rubicab Eco-Cabin you can accommodate a growing family, keep senior relatives close, or create a new revenue stream by providing student accommodation. We have a range of luxurious recreational and spa units so you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining at home.

Caravan Park Developments

Our specially designed units can add value to an existing caravan park, or be used as a modern and attractive asset for new park developments. All of our units are cost-effective to maintain, affordable and relocatable to accommodate varied guest rotation cycles.

Worksite Accommodation

Our Eco-Cabins product range can satisfy all the needs of a commercial organisation to set up an efficient, easy to transport on-site camp. Perfect for remote locations, our cabins are designed to keep your employees happy, wherever they are.

Commercial Use

The commercial applications for our Eco-Cabins are endless! Set up your own office park, create you own retail space or set up your office on location. Our spaces are designed to adapt to your needs.

Alternative Housing

Eco-Cabins give you the freedom of flexible, cost-effective accommodation to build or extend your home. The modular design of Eco-Cabins can be used in countless combinations to create a customised, affordable and functional living space tailored to your unique needs.


RUBICAB Eco-Cabins

As part of our commitment to social responsibility we use environmentally friendly, sustainable materials to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible. We use intelligent design and leading technology to minimise the use of natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. We value nature and the Australian outdoor lifestyle, so we have placed sustainability at the forefront of our goals. 

The same climate that defines the Australian outdoor lifestyle can also be harsh and unforgiving. RUBICAB Eco-Cabins allow you to easily take advantage of the Australian landscape and fresh air, to bring the outdoors in. We use quality materials that are designed to withstand the unique Australian climatic conditions.