Our Customers

1.Home Owners

Home improvement can be very expensive and time consuming. There is a lot of factors you need to consider before you start with your project.

Is it more cost effective to build as DYI project or pay to a professional contractor to complete the project? What material will you use? The Availability, Style and Colour choices, Safety and environmental Factors are also very important while deciding about your project.

RUBICAB Projects goes through a whole process of tailoring every component of your project to each integral element of your home so it’s all in perfect harmony and the finished outdoor space is like a well- written symphony.  To get the balance right and to ensure the desired end result, you need a design expertise- experience and understanding of the construction issues involved. Meaning working in collaboration with a professional.

Investing in the services of an experienced contractor is an investment in your future. It will ensure your garden caters for your family’s lifestyle, now and for many years to come. And it will also add to the value of your property, which will be a bonus when the time comes to sell.

 Long Term Investment

We are blessed with the climate perfect for outdoor living in Australia and our outdoor space is where we spend most of our time.

Rubicab Projects is here to transform your dream into the reality – from creating peaceful corners, pool entertaining areas to major backyard makeovers – so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis with your kids, family and friends. We deliver value to customers by looking at the whole picture of the house design and garden space to create a concept perfectly tailored for you!

This choice will save you a lot of money and time you would spent on oiling, sanding and staining over the time. Our decking boards don’t require any maintenance – safe your precious time and money and enjoy your outdoor heaven.

No termites, No rust, No mould, Eco friendly, Cool during the hot Summer days, Wood look and feel, Professional design and installation on Aluminium Structures.

We have a wide range of earthy colours on offer to match your style. Our fencing products, patios, cladding products and mailbox pillars can complement to each other so your house looks stylish and colour synchronized.

Extended Outdoor Space

We create an outdoor paradise that is safe and beautiful to bring that extra value for money to our customers. Natural and environmentally friendly RUBICAB boards are no problem to walk on bare foot.

Whether it’s a timber deck replacement, deck extension or a new build we know what to do and have an experienced, professional staff to guide and advise you from the first stage to the very last stage of your project. 

10- Years Warranty

We offer simple to understand 10 years’ warranty for your convenience and peace of mind. Although, this material is very durable and there is rarely a case of any problem, we are here to replace any defective products covered by our warranty. Your products are covered by our warranty for one whole decade which means one whole decade of no worries!

2.DIY Handy Customers

Rubicab Projects encourages all the handy customers willing to install their own project using our outstanding materials.

We designed our kits the way it’s easy to install and we provide ongoing 100% support and guidance.

We will provide you all the information you need to complete your project. From tool list to building and installation tips, design advice and material calculations, all that we are able to assist you with.

It’s important to do a bit of research in regards to you project size- deck size, sizes of all fence segments, cladding area size, etc. Also you should always get in touch with your local council to check the building permits and requirements necessary before you proceed with other plans. The body corporate or home owner associations might have a specific rules regarding to the size, style or colour of certain home improvement projects. If your project requires any digging or securing posts or poles into the soil you might want to know what’s underground before you start in case of wires or cables located in that area.


Rubicab Projects supports contractors and builders that are looking for outstanding products and materials for their projects.

We design customized fencing kits and decking kits that are easy to install and look amazing.

We are constantly searching for a long term cooperation in order to bring our products to more satisfied customers.

You will have a different design and outstanding material on offer for your clients if you choose Rubicab Projects.


The design has no limits when using amazing materials and outstanding products. Designing outdoor spaces while complementing the architectural style of the house can be easily done by choosing different compatible products from our Rubicab Projects range.

Our products were developed and tested specifically for this harsh Australian climate and are therefore perfect for any environmentally friendly outdoor project here in Australia.

Designing an dream alfresco living or outdoor entertaining space that meets the homeowners’ often long list requirements can be very challenging. We can offer stylish products such as privacy screens, fencing, decking boards, tile decking, pool fencing, insulated patios and awnings, deck lighting and letterboxes to complete any outdoor project.