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Rubicab Patios deliver an elegant outdoor solution that provides you with comfort, shade and weather protection all year round.

We have also partnered with SolarSpan® which is Australia’s leading brand providing insulated roofing products offering long-spans, low pitch and high thermal efficiency.

SolarSpan® features a COLORBOND® steel exterior, an expanded polystyrene core with fire-retardant (EPS-FR) for insulation in all seasons and a pre-painted COLORBOND® steel underside.

Rubicab Patios provide an all-in-one insulated roofing solution including ceiling, insulation, roof sheets, aluminium beams and Colorbond flashings/gutters supported by Rubicab ECW posts in one product.

It’s a quick, simple, cost effective solution that adds value and comfort to your home.

Rubicab Patios

Benefits of hiring Rubicab as your installer!

When our customers come to us asking for a new deck design, they are also looking for a way to optimise their space so that they can fully enjoy the benefits of having a deck. Due to the harsh Australian sun, traditional decks are often far too hot for most of the day to enjoy as they provide no shade. We provide our customers with every option for decking and shelter possible when it comes to building their new outdoor retreat and optimising its use.

By hiring Rubicab to build your deck as well as your roofing system you are saving thousands on additional labour and killing two birds with one stone!

Alongside your free quote we will provide you with detailed drawings of our design so you can see just how everything will look. And no costs either for the designs or the site visit!

Why we use Solarspan?

Deflects heat
Low maintenance
Quick installation
Strong COLORBOND steel surfaceInsulated to provide comfort