RUBICAB Decking Tiles

Discover the secret of quick and easy outdoor renovation.
Rubicab’s modern, stylish ECW (eco composite wood) decking tiles will transform your everyday outdoor area into a stylish outdoor paradise.

Save your precious time and money on installation and maintenance. Simple snap together construction – DIY with no professional installation required. No joists, clips, screws or bearers needed.

Our ECW decking tiles are specifically designed to resist the harsh Australian climate. They are suitable to be laid on any existing solid structure and can be placed over concrete, pebblecrete, pavers or compacted soil as long as the surface is reasonably flat.

The Rubicab tiles are not laid directly onto the ground as with usual decking products due to the unique mesh base. The tiles are perfect even for wet areas as they have a special plastic dual grid mesh design that allows any stormwater or other liquids to drain and dry properly to help prevent decay.

Great for commercial and residential applications such as balconies, patios, courtyards, pool and spa surrounds. Brighten up your rented property with no need for any screws or digging, pack it up and take with you when it’s time to move.