We are designing our eco composite wood decks, consulting with our customers and implementing the best practices for the best outcome. We elevate to the doorsills for a comfortable walk in and out. Creating the feel of an indoor room extension. The outcome is a deck with ~6 mm gaps between each row of boards which is self-cleaning with wind and rain.

Composite Wood Decks

Step out onto elegant outdoor areas in style and comfort, with our Eco Composite Wood Decks.  We create contemporary spaces that provide entertainment, functionality and best of all – are Maintenance Free.

Our ECW-Eco Composite Wood Decks are an instant way to increase the value of your home, located on the Gold Coast we set ourselves far apart from traditional timber decks by providing a solution that is non slip, resistant to rotting, rust, termites and Australia’s harsh climate. We offer DIY decking kits or we can design and build your deck for you, our systems are so simple providing minimal labour leaving more money in your pocket.

Our creations are not just limited to decking, we build patios, pergolas, alfresco’s, verandas, chat to us today about designing your new outdoor retreat!

Colours & Sizes

We carry two main types of hollow floor decking boards, we typically use HF-06 for residential applications and HF-09 which is a stronger board for commercial purposes as it is wide with a higher density.

We also have optional extras available, Composite and Aluminium Balustrading and Decking Lights!

HF-06 | 2200x 150 x 20
$68.60 / msmooth-side+ Gst
$10.74 / lm + Gst

Our Favourite ECW Decking Board

Stock available in 4 colours – Charcoal | Grey | Coffee | Chocolate

Reversible – choose between smooth brushed or grooved finished.

Does not require sanding/oiling

Termite & Pest Resistant


Concealed Screw System

Low Maintenance

Optional Deck Lighting Available

Non-slip rated at R10 and P3

Built on Aluminium or composite Joists

HF-06W | 2200 x 150 x 20woodgrain
$69.60 / m+ Gst
$10.89 / lm + Gst
We also carry HF-06 in a woodgrain option

Replicates the natural wood and grains of timber

Choose between Chocolate or Coffee Brown

The woodgrain elements will fade over time

HF-09 | 2200 x 160 x 25
$79.45 / m+ Gst

$13.11 / lm
Available in Chocolate

Widest composite board on the marketcommercial

Requires less labour as more coverage

Reversible board choose smooth brushed or slimline grooved finish

Perfect for commercial applications

Built on Aluminium Joists

Low Maintenance no sealing required

Non-slip rated at R10 and P3

Non Perishable & Pest Resistant

$195 / lm + Gst

Available in Coffee Brown or Charcoal Black

1050 x 90 x 40 posts

90 x 40 handrail

10 x 3.2mm stainless steel wire rope

Hidden Fixtures

Low Maintenance no sealing required

Non Perishable & Pest Resistant

Composite wood deck & Balustrade$249 / lm
Available in Coffee Brown or Charcoal Black

1050 x 120 x 120 robust posts

160 x 55 comfortable handrail

4, 6, 8 or 10* rows of wire rope

Hidden Fixtures

Low Maintenance no sealing required

Non Perishable & Pest Resistant

$255 / lm + Gst
Available to colour match! (Powder Coated)

1050 x 50 x 50 posts

70 x 40 oval shaped handrail

10 x 3.2mm stainless steel wire rope

Hidden Fixtures

Low Maintenance and highly rust resistant
Non Perishable & Pest Resistant

RD-L1 | LED Deck Lights  
$470 per set of 10
Multi Colour

Remote Controlled

Multiple Settings for different lighting effects

16 colours

Set of 10

Custom amounts available

1500mm naximum spacing between

40mm diameter


Our decks are so simple to install that we can provide you with a complete decking kit! We are currently putting together a HOW TO Video! It will be uploaded shortly.

To install a Rubicab Deck you will find listed below the products and fixtures required:


$ .39 ea

Spaces your boards 6.5mm easily and fixes directly to your Joists.

Hides all fixtures, meaning no screws are visible on your decking boards.

Available in Black

Also features countersinking to ensure that the screws are flush with the clips.


$ .70 ea

Spaces your boards 3mm easily for more traditional look.

Hides all fixtures, meaning no screws are visible on your decking boards.

Stainless Finish

Will not rust


$ .49 ea

Used for the First Row of Boards against a wall

Provides a fixing point on the joists on the far side of the Board

Designed to Lift the First board up on an angle to ensure that any water runoff does not go towards the house, and redirects water to fall in the gaps on the first & second row.

Stainless Steel – Will not rust.


$ .29 ea

32 x 6mm

Essential for screwing into Joists & Edging

High Corrosion Resistance

Black Finish


$ .29 ea

32 x 6mm

Self Tapping

High Corrosion Resistance

Black Finish


$ .75 ea

For use with our Aluminium & Composite Framing

Designed for Joists & Bearers

3.2 x 75 mm

Self Tapping

High Corrosion Resistance


$ .75 ea

For use with our Aluminium & Composite Framing

Designed for Joists & Bearers

3.2 x 75 mm

Self Tapping

High Corrosion Resistance


$ 1.85 ea

102 x 7.5 mm

Ideal for screwing directly into concrete without the need to place a RAW plug.

Designed for screwing the extender posts into concrete as well as fixing bearers to the concrete for deck construction as well.

We also use these for our posts for our balustrade

High Corrosion Resistance

Free Designs & Quotes

Free MeasureWe offer free designs, advice and detailed quotes to all of our customers. Send us through a house plan and photos or a sketch, we even have a Sketch tool you can use to create your own plans, please also include description of the site and what you would like to do. We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to take away the guess work of estimating the materials you need.

Rubicab are not just a seller, we build as well and pass on our best practices to customers to you can build a project knowing exactly what they need to do and how to go about it.

We deliver full and easy to assemble DIY deck kits throughout Australia and offer installation services in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas.

design1 design2


We offer Australia-wide distribution using TOLL at exceptionally low prices. We can deliver to your door or ‘care of’ a commercial or industrial company with a forklift near you for exceptionally low prices. We also offer RUBICAB local deliveries throughout South-East Queensland and Northern NSW. You are also welcome to come and pick up at the RUBICAB Factory.

Brochures & Specs
Case Studies

We recently completed this beautiful 98m2 commercial poolside deck at Oxygen Apartments in Brisbanes CBD – … read more about this fantastic space!

Benefits of Rubicab Composite Wood Decks

We use ECW materials that are composite based and contain 55% wood and 35% HDPE recycled plastic. ECW hollow boards, dissipate the sun’s heat. Also there isn’t as much thermal expansion you get with solid composites. Our product is non-slip rated at R10 and P3 and feels great walking barefoot. We deck around odd shaped pools, flush with the pool coping to create safe areas.

The Benefits of using ECW to Build Our products are extremely quick and easy to assemble using 2200mm lengths (custom lengths also available) with 440 or 550mm (low level decks using 25mm or thicker boards) joist centre spacing. Get exact board spacing using ABS clips, self-tapping galvanised or stainless steel screws.

Customers have two different sides to choose from (grooved or brushed finish). We also have one of the widest boards (160mm) on the market, which results in less clips, boards, screws and labour.

Why We Use Aluminium?

Rot and RustproofLightweight
Easy to cut
Easy to fastenAnti corrosiveNo coating required
High malleabilityHigh ductilityEasy to transport
100% recyclableHigh strength to weight ratioCompetitively priced in Australia