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Rubicab Zebra Premium Mailbox Pillar with Letterbox – Brushed Finish

$325 incl. GST 


Product Overview:

These modern and stylish mailboxes come as a a flatpack ready to be assembled. The most “difficult” part is placing the two posts of the pillar into the ground. Afterwards, it is just a matter of sliding the boards into the posts.

– The sides of the pillars (the posts) are made from aluminium, engineered and powder-coated a modern monument colour.

– The boards are DECKO composite wood: Maintenance free, doesn’t rot and is termite proof. The material is 55% hardwood, and the rest is A-grade recycled plastics and bonding agents.

– For optical light effect there are white perspex strips in between the DECKO boards

– The Letterbox itself is: 316 marine grade (Rust proof) stainless steel construction, that suits A4 size mail and has a lockable key.

The mailbox pillars are built to last forever in the Australian climate and come with a 10 year warranty.

Only mailbox pillars without the letterbox (you can provide your own letterbox) price as followed:

Zebra Premium – $229

We can also provide custom made mailboxes such as the double, triple, and quadruple mailboxes within the one pillar (please see the photos in the slider above).

If you are interested in these, please enquire online or by calling us.


Single mailbox pillar – 1100/731/65 mm (posts length is 1440 mm including the segment in the ground)

Double mailbox pillar – 1100/133/125 mm (posts length is 1440 mm including the segment in the ground)

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  • Single Letterbox Mailbox
  • Double Letterbox Mailbox
  • Multi Letterbox Mailbox shared by more units in the building

All our mailboxes are approved by the Australia Post regulations.


We offer Australia Wide FREE DELIVERY.

Delivery to Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart  and  QLD, NSW, VIC, NT, SA, TAS


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If you have left over boards that are in brand new condition and were not utilised in your job, no worries! Just return them to us for a full refund.


We offer 10 Year warranty on our products, please review the warranty policy carefully.

Are you a DIY enthusiast ?

Our mailbox pillars are very easy to assemble and we will provide all the technical support you need from choosing the right spot to place your mailbox to completing your project.

Who wouldn’t like to build something that will last for a very long time and looks as amazing as our mailbox pillars?

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