RUBICAB’s DECKO Eco Composite Wood (ECW) is engineered to be a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber for outdoor lifestyle applications. It’s made from hardwood particles, recycled plastic, and other additives which are bonded together to develop a dense, non-perishable wood substitute. It looks and feels like a natural wood but unlike real wood, ECW does not rot and does not attract mould, even in wet environments such as pool areas.

DECKO ECW is weather, stain, termite, and UV resistant. It is scratch-proof unless done deliberately, does not split, is lightweight, and practically maintenance free. It will never require oiling, staining or painting so no harsh chemicals are necessary over it’s lifetime.

We have a stylish earthy colour range to choose from and offer four different types of surface – wood grain, brushed, reeded, or wood stamped. All the boards are developed to closely mimic a natural timber look and you can decide which one is most suitable for your home style and lifestyle.

DECKO boards are manufactured by a machined extrusion process which ensures complete product consistency in terms of colour, shape and finish. The natural material feel is so authentic you won’t tell the difference even in bare feet.

All our DECKO boards are hollow for perfect drainage, ventilation and structural rigidity. The new premium boards are slightly thicker which provides even better strength and ventilation and with an A10 non-slip rating they are perfect for your swimming pool area.

RUBICAB decks are built by laying DECKO ECW boards on aluminium frames rather than setting the boards directly on soil or timber frames as is often done. We use aluminium for deck frame construction for its many benefits including relative lightness, strength, ease of workability and absence of rust issues. Our frames provide extra protection for the boards especially in wet conditions and prevent them from bending or moving. DECKO boards are ideal for using around swimming pools and spas, etc. With the unique hidden fastener system, the decking has the ability to flex and prevents the boards from warping, splitting or tearing away and it creates a smooth and safe surface for barefoot walking.